BBA Education

AB Wallace Memorial Lectures

Annual Meeting 2018:  Preparing for Disaster - Swansea

Dr Amber Young:

Annual Meeting 2017 - London

Dr Sarah Smailes (Chelmsford): "Wake Up, Breathe and Move" - a Physiotherapist's Perspective of Progress in Burns Critical Care

Annual Meeting 2016 - Newcastle

Winthrop Professor Fiona M Wood FRACS AM (Australia): Striving for Excellence in Burn Care

Annual Meeting 2015 - Birmingham

Dr. Chris Roberts : The role of architecture in obtaining successful burn healing outcomes

Annual Meeting 2014 - Chelmsford

Ms Pat Wade MBE: The Wallace Lecture:

Annual Meeting 2013 - Liverpool

Roy M Dudley-Southern MBE: Burn Care: The Ends of the Spectrum

Annual Meeting 2012 - Edinburgh

Dr David Herndon (USA): Hypermetabolism in Burn Injury

Annual Meeting 2011 - Salisbury

Dr David Lord (Manchester): Gas - Anaesthetic Musings in Burn Care

Annual Meeting 2010 - East Grinstead

Mr Philip Gilbert (East Grinstead): We Know Where We Have Come From, But Where Are We Going?

Annual Meeting 2009 - Belfast

Mr Chris Walker (Chelmsford): As It Was In The Beginning

Annual Meeting 2008 - Bristol

Mr W. A. Dickson (Swansea): A.B. Wallace

Annual Meeting 2007 - Swansea

Dr. Keith Judkins (Wakefield): "To sleep, perchance to dream… Ay, there’s the rub" (Hamlet Act 3)

Annual Meeting 2006 - Dublin

Mr A H N Roberts (Stoke Mandeville): Burn Care in Disasters and Wars

Annual Meeting 2005 - York

Mrs Anne Fowler (Mount Vernon): Burns Nursing: Regression or Progression?

Annual Meeting 2004 - Manchester

Mr Peter Davenport (Manchester): Looking Both Ways

Annual Meeting 2003 - Edinburgh

Mrs Jenny Collings (Salisbury): Reflections on Rehabilitation

Annual Meeting 2002 - Birmingham

Mr John Gowar (Birmingham):

Annual Meeting 2001 - Broomfield

Prof. Roy Sanders (Mount Vernon):

Annual Meeting 2000 - Newcastle upon Tyne

Mr. John Clark (Roehampton): Reform the Third Way and Feng-Shui

Annual Meeting 1999 - Sheffield

Mr. Peter Blond (East Grinstead): Archie As I Knew Him

Annual Meeting 1998 - East Grinstead

Mr. James Partridge, Director of "Changing Faces": Rebuilding life skills after burn injury: from personal experience to practical interventions

Annual Meeting 1997 - Bristol

Prof. W. Reid (Glasgow): Burn Care - A Surgeon’s View

Annual Meeting 1996 - Swansea

R. Cudmore (Sheffield): Aspects of Paediatric Burn Surgery

Annual Meeting 1995 - Dundee

Doreen Cowple (Glasgow): Changing in Nursing over 25 years

Annual Meeting 1994 - Nottingham

J. C. Lawrence (Birmingham): Aspects of Burn Research at Birmingham Accident Hospital from 1943-93

Annual Meeting 1993 - Liverpool

C. C. Howie (Bangor/Edinburgh): Partners in Care

Annual Meeting 1992 - Salisbury

B. Bailey (Stoke Mandeville): Silver Jubilee

Annual Meeting 1991 - Stoke Mandeville

P. G. Shakespeare (Salisbury): Looking at Burn Wounds

Annual Meeting 1990 - Wakefield

J. W. L. Davies (Glasgow): Challenges for the future in Burn Research and Burn Care

Annual Meeting 1988 - Belfast

J. A. D. Settle (Wakefield): Burns - 40 Years On

Annual Meeting 1987 - Roehampton

D. Couper (Glasgow): Twenty Years Plus A Burnt Nurse

Annual Meeting 1986 - Birmingham

G. Arturson (Uppsala, Sweden): Computer simulation of fluid resuscitation in Thermal Injury